Boat, Yacht, and Personal Watercraft Insurance

Your boat is a symbol of your success, a reward you’ve given yourself for all of those years of hard work, and now it’s time to play. Don’t let anything get in the way of the good times earned. Be sure to protect yourself with the finest boat insurance out there. 

When you take to the water, protect your family, guests, and your investment with the very best in boat and yacht insurance from J. Williams Insurance. Our boat programs provide comprehensive coverage with personalized enhancements designed to match your individual needs. 

We offer a sea of possibilities for your boat insurance with coverages such as:

  • Hull Physical Damage Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Fuel Spill Liability Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Towing and Assistance Coverage
  • Hurricane Haul-out Coverage

You’ve worked hard to acquire your boat. Make sure that you have the right protection for it. Give us a call at 781-848-9192 or fill out the form on this page to get started with even greater, more cost-effective boat insurance.

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